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Printer Model Information

NEC: Printers -- Silentwriter Model 95F
Silentwriter™ 95F

We are aware that many of our customers still enjoy the services of our older printers. For instance, we know that many of you are still getting good use out of the Silentwriter printers which belong to a group of older legacy printers from NEC Technologies. Whatever the age of our technology though, we want to make available to you any information which may help you with maintenance and troubleshooting. That means you can find out more about your printer in the Comprehensive Support Documents in the Documents Library. Although only a few documents are currently available, all the information presented is here for you to use as you see fit.

 QuickSpecs Silentwriter™ 95/95F/95FX
 Printer Language Genuine Adobe PostScript Level 2
HP LaserJet III (PCL 5) emulation
 Printer Drivers Windows 3.1x, 95/98, NT 4.0, MAC OS 6.x+
 Memory 2 MB, expandable to 5 MB
 Fonts 35 scaleable Adobe Type I fonts
HP LaserJet III compatible bitmap fonts
8 scaleable HP LaserJet III compatible fonts
 Warranty 1 Year parts and labor