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Printer Installation Guides

Printer Model Questions Answers  
ALL What is a driver? A printer driver is software that translates your computer data into a format that the printer can read and print out. You can access the printer driver software to change printer and document settings and manage fonts.
ALL What is PostScript? A page description language (PDL) from Adobe that is used extensively on a'computer platforms. It is the de facto standard in commercial typesetting and printing houses. Fonts are scaled to size by the interpreter, thus eliminating the need to store a variety of font sizes on disk. PostScript Level 2, downward compatible with original PostScript, adds data compression and enhancements, especially for color printing. Level 3 adds more enhancements and native fonts and the ability to directly support more formats, including HTML, PDF, GIF and JPEG. Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) is a subset of PostScript used to exchange a single graphic image in the PostScript format.
ALL What is a PostScript driver (PS Driver) and when should I use it? A Postscript driver is a page description language (PDL) from Adobe that is used extensively on a'computer platforms. It is the de facto standard in commercial typesetting and printing houses. When to use the Postscript driver? You should use the Postscript driver for color documents and documents that contain many complex graphic images or extensive page layout formatting. The PostScript driver has more options and delivers better graphic processing than non Postscript drivers
ALL What is PCL? And when should I use it ? PCL stands for Printer Control Language, the page description language for HP LaserJet printers. It has become a de facto standard used in many printers. PCL Level 5, introduced with the LaserJet III in 1990, also supports Compugraphic's Intellifont scalable fonts. Starting with the Laserjet 5, PCL Level 6 streamlines the graphics and font commands, reducing the amount of information that has to be sent to the printer. When to use PCL? Use the PCL driver for monochrome documents that contain mostly text and limited formatting. The PCL driver handles this type of document we'and delivers faster printing than the PostScript driver.
ALL Now that I have downloaded the driver what do I do with it? The driver you have downloaded is in a "zipped" format. This means the driver files are compressed and you will need to "unzip" them. You can do this by double clicking on the file. This will then give you the option to extract the zipped file. When extracting the files, there will be a path that gives the folder your files will be extracted to. Be sure to remember the folder name so you can access the file later.
ALL When I click on the file I downloaded I get a window asking me what program I want to open the file with? Which program should I select If you get a window that asks you what program to use, it means that you do not have an unzipping utility. You can get one called "winzip" for free at: Just go there and download the Winzip program. Once Winzip is installed on your system, you will be able to unzip the driver you have downloaded.
All Once I have unzipped the file where do I go to insta'it? You'll need to access the Add Printer Wizard. This can be reached from your desktop by clicking on Start, Settings, and then Printers. In the Printers folder click on Add Printer. Follow the wizard's instructions. When you reach the screen that lists manufacturers and printer models, find your printer model and look for the button that says “Have Disk”. Click on "Have Disk"and then on the “Insta'From Disk” screen. Then click on browse. You will then see two columns of files and folders. In the Folders list browse to the folder you unzipped the driver to. Double-click on the folder. Under the file column an .inf file should appear in the larger box. If, after double-clicking the folder, you are presented with more folders choose the folder that relates to your operating system. (Examples include win98, WinNT,and win95). Once you have the .inf file, click Okay. That will take you back to the "Insta'From Disk" screen. Click Okay again. You now should have the name of your printer on the screen. Highlight it and click Next. Follow the printer wizard's instructions to finish installing the printer driver.
All What about Microsoft Windows XP Support? With Microsoft's impending release of Windows XP, NEC Solutions (America) Inc., aims to provide driver support for most of our recent models of SuperScript printers. Please check this website regularly for new information and updates.  
1400 I have a 1400 printer connected to my Mac computer via the USB port and when I go into the Chooser and click on the Laserwriter 8 icon, the printer does not appear on the right side of the Chooser. The Laserwriter 8 driver is not "seeing through" the USB port. This means you have to first make sure that the printer is on. Then click on the 1400 series printer icon so that it will appear on the right side of the Chooser.
1400 I have a 1400 printer connected to a Mac and I was able to insta'the driver, but when I go into the Chooser and click on the 1400 series Icon, I get the following message: " The printer driver could not be loaded. Quit other applications and try again. If that fails use the installer to reinsta'the printing software." Go into the "Extensions Manager" and under "Extensions" find "ColorSync Extension". Then put an X in the box in front of it. (This will enable it). When you then click on the 1400 series printer icon within the Chooser, you should be able to see the printer on the right side and not get any error messages.
1400 I have a 1400 printer on a Mac and I cannot achieve a resolution of 1200 dpi. You will not be able to obtain a resolution of 1200 dpi on a 1400 printer because it's not a Postscript printer. The maximum resolution is 600 dpi.
1450 I have a 1450 printer, how can I verify if the Postscript option is installed ? Print a configuration page by holding down the Go/Continue button for about 4 seconds. The light will cycle and then 3 configuration pages will print. On the first one, under "General", you will find "PostScript:" next to it. It will te'you if it's installed or not installed.
1450 I have a 1450 printer with a Postscript option installed and I cannot get 1200 dpi. 1. Open the Apple Extras folder located on your main Macintosh hard disk. 2. From there open the Apple Laser Writer Software folder. 3. Double-click on the Desktop Printer Utility program and select "Printer (USB)" from the Create Desktop list in the New Desktop Printer dialog box. 4. Click OK. 5. The "Untitled 1 " dialog box appears, click the "Change" button in the PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file area. 6. Select "NEC Superscript 1450 (N)" from the Printer Descriptions list. 7. Click the "Select" button. 9. In the USB Printer Selection area of the Untitled 1 dialog box, click the "Change"... button. 9. The printer's model name should appear in the window. 10. select the printer and click "OK". 11. Click on the "Create" button. 12. Name your printer and click "Save". 13. An icon with your printer name on it will appear on your desktop. 14. Single click on the new printer icon that you just created so that it is highlighted and then on the top of the screen click on "Printing" and then click on "Set Default Printer". Now your new desktop printer will be the default printer. DO NOT go back to the chooser and click on the 1400 series icon for it will disable your new desktop printer from being the default printer.
1450N I have a 1450N printer set up on a Peer to Peer network and when I send 20 large graphics print jobs to it, it locks up. The 1400 series printers were not designed to (and do not have the resources to) manage that many print jobs at one time. The best thing to do is to designate and set up a specific computer to be used as a print server. This designated print server computer will have the resources needed to manage extra print jobs. It will hold the print jobs and release them to the printer as the printer's resources become available for the next print job.
870 I have an 870 printer on Windows 2000 and I cannot print some special fonts. Try printing the document that contains these fonts as an image or a graphics file.
4600 I have a 4600 printer on a PC and when I print transparencies the toner is not sticking we'to the transparency. On top of the printer, set the printer's operator panel to "Thick Stock" . First take the printer off-line by pressing the Online button. The display will change from "Ready" to "Offline". Then press the "Media" button until the display says "Thick Stock". Then press the Online button again so that the printer comes back on-line. The display will say "Ready". Now the toner should fuse we'to the transparencies. Also go into the properties of the driver and set it to "Transparencies" under "Print Quality".
4650N I have a 4650N printer on a Mac and when I print from the Internet, it cuts off my footer where the Internet address shows up. Click on File, click on Page Setup and under "paper" choose "US letter Small".
Mac My Macintosh computer locks up when I print something. I have deleted and reinstalled the driver and it sti'happens. This is usually caused by a corruption in the operating system. It's usually fixed by formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system from scratch. NOTE: Just reinstalling the operating system over itself usually does not work.
Mac I have an NEC printer with a network card that is directly connected to my Mac through an Ethernet connection, but the Mac does not see it. It worked fine when it was connected in the network through the hub. You must use a cross-over cable when connecting the printer directly to the computer through the Ethernet connection. A cross-over cable is used to connect two devices together without a network hub/switch. A cross-over cable does exactly what its name implies: it crosses the send and receive signals, a job usually reserved for a hub.