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NEC UF0002 - USB Floppy Installation Instructions

Note: steps below are only applicable to Windows 2000 system. The drivers are included with Windows XP and newer versions of Windows.

Windows 2000 Driver Installation Guide

Windows 2000 (driver not pre-installed)
Follow these steps to install the driver software for Windows 2000 system, which allows simple and easy installation!  
Start up computer without USB drive connected.
If installation doesn't connect system to USB floppy drive, remove USB cable from the computer, then reconnect it and restart the installation.
  1. Before beginning windows Update, you need to start Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Plug the USB cable of UF0002 in USB port on your computer. Windows 2000 automatically detects this connection as new hardware and NEC USB UF000x dialogue appears on the screen.

  1. Found New Hardware Wizard is displayed. Click "Next" to search for the driver.

  1. Install Hardware Device Drivers window appears, then select "Search for a suitable driver for your device [Recommended]" and click "Next".

  1. When the Locate Driver Files window appears, remove the check marks for "Floppy disk drives" and "CD-ROM drives", then put a check mark on the "Microsoft Windows Update" and click "Next".

  1. When Windows Update is completed,you can be clicked "Next",than Click "Next"

  1. The Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard window appears, then click "Finish".

  1. Finally, restart your system and check to see that the 3½" floppy drive icon representing UF0002 is displayed in My Computer or Explorer window. (If the driver software is installed successfully, the Floppy drive icon representing UF0002 will be present in My Computer or Explorer window.)