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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Why doesn't the LitePad recognize the pen while I am restoring it from the recovery CD?


How do I get the CRT output of my LitePad to work?


I am experiencing wireless connection issues.


How do I clean my Tablet LCD?
The Franklin Covey Tablet Planner for Tablet PC has stopped working. How do I purchase the full version?
Why doesn't the LitePad recognize the pen while I am setting it up for the first time?

Pointing Device

Why doesn't my NEC USB Portbar work correctly?

Recovery CD

How do I Restore my Versa LitePad? The keyboard and external mouse doesn't work when I boot to the Versa LitePad Product Recovery CD (CD1.)

Recovery Diskette

I can't restore my LitePad from the CD. When I try to boot from the attached CD ROM drive, with Product Recovery CD1, I get an error message telling me to re-boot or put in bootable media.