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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any development tools for Pocket PC 2002?
Can I synch or move files over from my Palm device, my Macintosh, or others?
Does the P300 include software for FTP?
Does the P300 include software for SLiP?
Does the P300 include software for Telnet?
Does the P300 support 128-bit encryption?
Does the P300 support email attachments?
Does the P300 support IMAP4/POP3/SMTP email connections?
Does the P300 support Java?
Does the P300 support Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)?
Does the P300 support PPP?
Does the P300 support PPPoE?
Does the P300 support Secure Password Authentication (SPA), and SMTP Authentication?
Does the P300 support Socks Proxy Client and Winsock Proxy Client?
Does the P300 support VPN?
How can I save my data if the system locks?
How do I load the applications to restore from the SD Ram card?
What type of JAVA is supported?

Audio Device

Can the P300 play audio files?


How can I avoid having to completely re-set up my MobilePro P300 when I have failed to recharge the main battery before it is completely drained?
How many recharges can the MobilePro P300 take before it is dead?
If I exhaust my main battery, how long will my data remain before I have to plug into AC power?
What are some methods of extending the battery time of the MobilePro P300?


I am having trouble transferring information through IRDA (infrared).
Why won't the MobilePro P300 sync via IR?


Can I use a USB Keyboard with P300?


How can I disable the record button so that I don't accidentally start recording while the MobilePro P300 is powered off??


Is Bluetooth an optional component?

Operating System

Can I upgrade the software and operating system of the P300?


How do I remove the LCD protection cover?
How do I reset my P300?
I broke my LCD protection cover, how do I get a new one?
If SD is slower on read/write than Compact Flash, what is the benifit of using it?
My P300 won't sync when it is attached to the PC Card Expansion Jacket and inserted into the USB Cradle?
Where can I get additional s/w support for my MobilePro P300?
Why won't my P300 recognize the PC Card Expansion Jacket after a soft reset?

Pointing Device

Can I use a USB Mouse with my P300?


Can the P300 print through the USB port to a USB printer?