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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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PowerMate CT Series, ES and ES Slimline: Why do I receive a buffer under run error when performing "On Fly Copying (CD to CD)" using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.2?

CD-ROM Drive

Why does the Device Manager report errors for the CD-ROM after uninstalling the Easy CD Creator software?
Why doesn't my CD-ROM work after uninstalling the EZ CD Creator?


Reports of PM Slimline (Aspen) models hanging or rebooting

Operating System

Enabling the power button sleep function, placing the system in sleep mode, and waking up the system.
Why does my computer enter standby mode after random amount of time?
Why doesn't my Targus USB to Serial adapter (PA088U) work if I unplug it and then plug it back in while in Windows?
Why is my ES Slimline beeping from the internal PC speaker after it boots up, and runs for a little while?


After a power outage, why didn't the power switch on my computer work correctly the first time I tried to turn the computer on? The power button now works correctly.
Power switch does not work correctly first time
The first time I turned on my computer why did I have to press the power button twice? The power button now works correctly.
Why does Norton Antivirus 2000 detect the WM.Niceday Macro Virus in
Why were the HDD and PWR lights on after connecting external power to my desktop? After depressing the power button, both LEDs indicate the correct status.

Recovery CD

How do I resolve "Missing system information" when restoring the Powermate ES, ESSlimline or CT units?