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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Unable to use Ghost to clone a computer that uses Windows 2000


"Packard Bell" comes on screen when my Versa VX starts up.
When I attempt to flash my BIOS to the latest version, I get the error message "This system does not contain the proper support in its BIOS to allow this version of the BIOS Update Utility to be used."
Why does my VX/VXi system lose time when shut off?

CD-ROM Drive

Why does my Versa VX/VXi CD-R/RW drive read slower after Save to Disc?
Why won't some CD-R or CD-RW disks play in my CD-ROM?

CD/DVD Drive

When I attempt to play a DVD movie I get an error "The region code on this disk does not allow playback.".

Hard Drive

How do I fix a Smart Status Bad error message on boot up?

Main Board

Why does my Versa VX re-boot when the Li-Ion battery is replaced?


After I install a 3COM modem kit #OP-710-4019 on any Versa System using Internet Explorer 4.01 and the Active Desktop feature, an error message will appear upon rebooting the system:

"Can not find the file "C:\~tmpset._X~\setup_.EXE" (or one of it components)..."

My system stops responding when running diagnostics on my PC Card modem in Control Panel. How do I fix this?

Operating System

What steps are necessary to get Windows 95 to work properly on the Versa VX(VXi was not tested)?
Why does my computer enter standby mode after random amount of time?
Why does the system go into Suspend mode in Windows 98 instead of Standby? Also, why does the system "Save to File" instead of Hibernate in Windows 98?
Why doesn't my CD-ROM work and/or I have controller conflicts in Device Manager when I install my own copy of Windows 95?


Unable to browse the network or join a domain after upgrading from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000


Why don't some devices work on the Parallel port of the USB Portbar?

Recovery CD

I had my notebook repaired and the motherboard was replaced. Now, when I run a restore I get an error stating "This product recovery CD is for NEC Computers only."


My LCD panel remains fully powered on when the lid is closed, if the system is in ACPI mode.
When an LCD Projector is plugged into the Versa VX's monitor output port, why do the screens look elongated and distorted?