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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Unable to use Ghost to clone a computer that uses Windows 2000
Where is the Agate Tioman swap driver icon after upgrading to Windows 98 from Windows 95?
Why doesn't Windows 2000 hibernate or shutdown properly after installing Microsoft Media Player 7/7.1?

Audio Device

Unable to hear sound through external speakers when my system is docked

CD-ROM Drive

Why does my system no longer enter Standby, Hibernate or power down after installing the CD-RW software that shipped with the system?
Why does the Device Manager report errors for the CD-ROM after uninstalling the Easy CD Creator software?
Why doesn't my CD-ROM work after uninstalling the EZ CD Creator?
Why won't some CD-R or CD-RW disks play in my CD-ROM?

CD/DVD Drive

When I attempt to play a DVD movie I get an error "The region code on this disk does not allow playback.".
Why am I unable to Save to File or Suspend when the DVD player is running?
Why doesn't the Margi DVD-to-Go work on the Versa LXi?
Why doesn't the SoftDVD work under Windows 2000?


Where has the "SpeedStepHigh" download gone?

Docking Station

Why doesn't my Versa LXi fit properly in my old VersaDock with monitor stand?

Floppy Drive

Why will the LS-120 SuperDisk drive, when used in the VersaBay III on the VersaDock, not correctly format a 1.44 MB floppy diskette?

Hard Drive

How do I fix a Smart Status Bad error message on boot up?


How do I automatically reconfigure IR (infrared) in IntelliSync v1.6.002 under Windows NT?
Why won't the LXi communicate with my IR device?


After I install a 3COM modem kit #OP-710-4019 on any Versa System using Internet Explorer 4.01 and the Active Desktop feature, an error message will appear upon rebooting the system:

"Can not find the file "C:\~tmpset._X~\setup_.EXE" (or one of it components)..."

My system stops responding when running diagnostics on my PC Card modem in Control Panel. How do I fix this?


Why does the Xircom REM56 NIC fail to initialize under Windows NT?

Operating System

How do I get my modem to work if I have disabled the network card in Device Manager?
Why does my computer enter standby mode after random amount of time?
Why does the resource properties in Device Manager display a memory conflict with the AGP video?
Why does the system go into Suspend mode in Windows 98 instead of Standby? Also, why does the system "Save to File" instead of Hibernate in Windows 98?
Why doesn't my Targus USB to Serial adapter (PA088U) work if I unplug it and then plug it back in while in Windows?
Why doesn't the Windows 2000 ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) operate correctly after a battery replacement?


How do you prevent the case of a carrier mounted LX from deforming at extreme temperatures?
Unable to browse the network or join a domain after upgrading from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000

PC Card

When installing a CardBus card with Windows 98 SE and ACPI, why can one of the following problems occur? :
  • The mouse pointer may alternate rapidly and continuously between a "normal" pointer and a "busy" (hourglass) pointer.
  • The system may perform very sluggishly.
  • The CardBus card never finishes being initialized.


Why don't some devices work on the Parallel port of the USB Portbar?


Why does the Smart Label Printer no longer function after a resume from suspend?

Recovery CD

I had my notebook repaired and the motherboard was replaced. Now, when I run a restore I get an error stating "This product recovery CD is for NEC Computers only."

Tape Drive

How do I get the Versa LX and SX to detect the HP Colorado 8 GB tape drive in the VersaDock?


How do I change the display to toggle to TV Out?
My LCD panel remains fully powered on when the lid is closed, if the system is in ACPI mode.
When the Fn+F3 key sequence is utilized it produces compressed video at low resolutions on the NEC XV15+ external monitor. How do I correct this?
Why when both a CRT and TV are attached to my LX is the picture on the CRT not full screen?
With both a TV and CRT attached, why does the system come up in LCD and CRT Modes?