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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I fix "Out of Memory" errors with Power Panel in Windows 3.11 when a 32 MB memory card is installed?
Unable to make a connection to cc-mail mobile with Versa 6000 internal modem?
Unable to use Ghost to clone a computer that uses Windows 2000
Why does my system hang on reboot after I install PowerProfiler 2.30.00 on my Windows NT 4.0 system with Service Pack 4?

Audio Device

How do I correct the error message "No wave device that can play..."?
Where are the sound and video drivers for NT4 for the Versa 6000?


When the end user places a CD-ROM in the Notebook Versabay and a hard drive in the MiniDock Versabay, the machine will lock up between post and starting Windows 95.

CD-ROM Drive

How do I get the Versa Bay CD-ROM drive to be detected on the Docking Station 6000 or 6000+?
How do I get the VersaBay II CD-ROM to be detected in the adapter of the Docking Station 6000+?

Docking Station

If a notebook computer is booted while undocked, then hot-docked and shutdown to DOS mode, the docking station hard disk is not recognized by the system. Why does this happen?
Why does my system hang with the VersaBay hard drive in the MiniDock 6000?
Why doesn't TCP/IP work when my Versa is docked in Docking Station 6000 with a 3COM 3C90X PCI?


Why am I getting Resource Conflict Errors after restoring Windows 95?


After I install a 3COM modem kit #OP-710-4019 on any Versa System using Internet Explorer 4.01 and the Active Desktop feature, an error message will appear upon rebooting the system:

"Can not find the file "C:\~tmpset._X~\setup_.EXE" (or one of it components)..."

After upgrading the modem from 28.8 to 33.6, Dial Up Networking (DUN) and Hyperterminal do not recognize the modem.
My system stops responding when running diagnostics on my PC Card modem in Control Panel. How do I fix this?
What do I do to get my modem to initialize on the first attempt?
When a PC card modem is installed in my Versa 6000 or 6200 series notebook, the dial tone cannot be heard. Is there a resolution to this?
Why is there no dial tone with a PC modem card?
Why won't MS Office send a fax with FaxWorks?
Why won't my internal DataRace 33.6 modem connect to a RAS server?

Operating System

My Versa 6000 notebook will not restart in MS-DOS mode. Is there a resolution?
When installing Service Pack 5 on a Versa 6050 or 6200 under Windows NT 4.0, it prompts to overwrite Hal.dll. Should I?
Why does my Versa 6000 lock up in Windows 95?
Why does the system go into Suspend mode in Windows 98 instead of Standby? Also, why does the system "Save to File" instead of Hibernate in Windows 98?


How is the LS-120 device configured as drive A?

PC Card

US Robotics XJ1560 PC Card modem will not install under NEC-supplied or retail versions of Windows NT 3.51 or NT 4.0. The card is not recognized due to IRQ conflicts with the internal modem. How is the modem installed?


Why don't some devices work on the Parallel port of the USB Portbar?

Recovery CD

Why are there resource conflict errors after restoring with the Recovery CD under Windows 95?


Where are the sound and video drivers for NT4 for the Versa 6000?