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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Unable to use Ghost to clone a computer that uses Windows 2000
Why does my system hang on reboot after I install PowerProfiler 2.30.00 on my Windows NT 4.0 system with Service Pack 4?

CD-ROM Drive

Why will an audio CD not play on my Versa 4000 either docked or undocked?


After I install a 3COM modem kit #OP-710-4019 on any Versa System using Internet Explorer 4.01 and the Active Desktop feature, an error message will appear upon rebooting the system:

"Can not find the file "C:\~tmpset._X~\setup_.EXE" (or one of it components)..."

My system stops responding when running diagnostics on my PC Card modem in Control Panel. How do I fix this?
US Robotics XJ1560 PC Card modem will not install under retail versions of Windows NT 3.51 or NT 4.0 that do not include Card and Socket Services support (such as Systemsoft Card Wizard software). Windows NT does not provide an additional COM port for use by the modem. How is the modem installed?

Operating System

When the Advanced Power Management is disabled in Windows 95 a VXD loading error occurs during bootup. How can I remove the error?
Why does the system go into Suspend mode in Windows 98 instead of Standby? Also, why does the system "Save to File" instead of Hibernate in Windows 98?


Why isn't the system clock updated when resuming from Suspend in Windows 3.11 with power management set to off?

PC Card

How do I configure the Adaptec SlimSCSI PCMCIA card for an IRQ other than 11?


Why don't some devices work on the Parallel port of the USB Portbar?

Recovery CD

When I run the restore program the unit will lock on boot after loading LoadCD.EXE. Is there a resolution to this issue?