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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I correct LANDesk displaying a Pentium III processor as a Pentium II?
How do I re-install or uninstall LANDesk Client Manager?
How do I uninstall PowerTCP? It is not listed in the Add/Remove Programs.
LANDesk setup causes my system to crash when the LS-120 SuperDisk utilities are running. Is there a resolution?
Partition Magic is not on the NEC Driver CD or on the NEC Select Install CD.
Unable to use Ghost to clone a computer that uses Windows 2000
Why after loading the Soft DVD Player onto a Windows 95 system from the Application and Driver CD, it displays the error message, "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor; Close/Details"?

Audio Device

My PowerMate 8100 with a SoundBlaster Live locks up when I use my modem. What do I do?


How do I enable support for Celeron processors, and USB keyboards on the PowerMate 8100?
How do I enable support for Pentium III 550 MHz processors?
Why does the PII CPU fan (BPCS# 146807) make excessive noise?
Why is my Pentium III or Celeron processor recognized as Pentium II or Pentium Pro in System Properties?

Main Board

How can I get a legacy multiport card to function with the onboard serial and parallel ports when the multiport card attempts to use the same settings?
How do I enable support for the Pentium III serial number utility on the PowerMate 8100?
Why do I get an error message on bootup after upgrading with 66 MHz SRAM DIMMs?


My system stops responding when running diagnostics on my PC Card modem in Control Panel. How do I fix this?


How do I resolve the resource conflict when I install a PCMCIA Ethernet Network Adapter in the Swapbox?
Unable to connect to the network at 100 Mbps with the onboard 3C905B network adapter
Why are errors encountered when using an NT DOS Client Startup Disk, with the onboard 3C905B network adapter?
Why is MS DOS unable to recognize the onboard 3C905B network adapter after the Boot ROM is disabled?
Why is my system Unable to BIND the network adapter using the MS-DOS NDIS drivers or SCO UNIX drivers, with the onboard 3C905B network adapter?
Why is my system unable to connect to the network at all with some 10/100 Auto-switching hubs/switches with the onboard 3C905B network adapter?

Operating System

My PowerMate 8100 with Windows 98 locks up randomly. What do I do?
Why does the resource properties in Device Manager display a memory conflict with the AGP video?
Why does the screen remain dark after returning from Suspend mode and how do I get the display to return?


After a power outage, why didn't the power switch on my computer work correctly the first time I tried to turn the computer on? The power button now works correctly.
Power switch does not work correctly first time
The first time I turned on my computer why did I have to press the power button twice? The power button now works correctly.
Why were the HDD and PWR lights on after connecting external power to my desktop? After depressing the power button, both LEDs indicate the correct status.

Recovery CD

Unable to boot to my recovery CD after updating my PowerMate 8100 system BIOS to version 13, 14, or 15
When I run OS Fix from the restore CD my system fails to boot. How do I resolve this situation?


Why does my system lock up with the AHA-2940W when a Sony SDT-5000E DAT Drive is installed?
Why doesn't the AHA-2940W adapter detect Fast SCSI devices?


What causes the machine to boot up with 1 beep follow by two short beeps (1-2 beep code)?

ZIP Drive

The LED on my Zip drive is always on. How do I make it work properly?
Why does my Zip drive just click when I attempt to access it?