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Orchestrating a brigher world


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For support call: 1-(877) 632-0064 or email support@necam.com.
Note: support@necam.com email box is only monitored Mon-Fri, 5am-6pm Pacific Time. This does not include legal or company designated holidays. All customers trying to reach NECAM outside those business hours should call 1-877-632-0064 for support.

Important Notice: CPU Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities (Meltdown/Spectre)

Important Notice: FT Server - Addressing CPU Side-Channel Vulnerability

Blade Servers


DX Series


Enterprise Servers


Fault Tolerant Servers


Rack Servers

Express5800/R110i-1 Express5800/R110h-1 Express5800/R120f-1M Express5800/R120f-2M Express5800/R120f-2E SR Express5800/R110g-1E Express5800/R120e-1M Express5800/R120e-2M Express5800/R110f-1E Express5800/R120d-1E Express5800/R120d-2E Express5800/R120d-2E SR Express5800/R120d-1M Express5800/R120d-2M Express5800/R110d-1E Express5800/R120g-1M Express5800/R120g-2M Express5800/R120g-2E



PCIe over Ethernet


Tower Servers

Express5800/T110i-S Express5800/T110h-S Express5800/T120F Express5800/T110g-S Express5800/T110f-S Express5800/GT110e-S Express5800/GT110d-S Express5800/GT110b Express5800/110Ge

Legacy Server Systems

The systems below are at the end of their service life. Support is limited to what is available on this support site.
SigmaBlade B120a SigmaBlade B120a-D SigmaBlade B140a-T SigmaBlade AD106a SigmaBlade Enclosures SigmaBlade Switches Express5800/120Bb-m6 Express5800/120Bb-6 Express5800/120Bb-d6 Express5800/1320Xf Express5800/1320Xd Express5800/1160Xd Express5800/1080Xd Express5800/1080Rf Express5800/1020Ba Express5800/A1080a Express5800/A1160 Express5800/320Fd Express5800/320Fc Express5800/120Ed Express5800/120Ee Express5800/120Ld Express5800/120Le Express5800/120Lf Express5800/120Li Express5800/120Lh Express5800/S120T Express5800/120Mc2 Express5800/120Ra-1 Express5800/120Rc-2 Express5800/120Rd-1 Express5800/120Rd-2 Express5800/120Rj-2 Express5800/120Rh-1 Express5800/120Ri-2 Express5800/S110R-1 Express5800/S120R-1 Express5800/S120R-2 Express5800/120Rf-2 Express5800/120Rg-1 Express5800/120Rg-2 Express5800/R120b-1 Express5800/R120b-2 Express5800/R120a-1 Express5800/R120a-2 Express5800/140Hb Express5800/140Rb-4 Express5800/140Rc-4 Express5800/180Ra-7 Express5800/180Rb-7 Express5800/320La Express5800/320Lb Linux Express5800/320Lb Express5800/320Lc Express5800/320Ma Express5800/340Hb-R Express5800/ES1200 Express5800/ES1400 Express5800/HV8600 Express5800/HX Express5800/HX4000 Express5800/HX4100 Express5800/HX4500 Express5800/HX4600 Express5800/HX6100 Express5800/LE2000 Express5800/LE2200 Express5800/LS2400 Express5800/MC2200 Express5800/MC2400 Express5800/MH4000 Express5800/MH4500 Express5800/MT2000 Express5800/MT2200 NEAX Express ProServa PH Express5800/RM4000 ProServa SH ProServa V ProServa V+