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Orchestrating a brigher world


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Trial Download

Download the ProgrammableFlow Controller virtual appliance

pfc-va6.2.0.0-vmware.tgz (1.3 GB) – PFC virtual appliance for VMware
pfc-va6.2.0.0-kvm.tgz (1.25 GB) – PFC virtual appliance for KVM
pfc-va6.2.0.0-hyperv.tgz (1.19 GB)– PFC virtual appliance for Hyper-V
Each archive above includes:
  • pfc-vatrial -,Hyper-V)- Open Virtualization Appliance package
  • Evaluation Reference Guide.pdf - Startup guide
  • pf6000-MIB.mib - Sample SNMP MIB file
  • PFCTrial_OSS_LICENSE.pdf - List of Open Source Software used by ProgrammableFlow
  • - Source code of Open Source Software used by ProgrammableFlow
Evaluation License:
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the ProgrammableFlow Controller
  • Attached to the email is a trial license key that is good for 90 days from deployment

Getting Started with the ProgrammableFlow SDN Virtual Lab

ProgrammableFlow provides a rich set of network functions that allows you to build innovative software defined networks. The document below provides details about how to build your own SDN Virtual Lab using mininet.
PFC Virtual Lab ― Mininet Setup
  • How to setup your test environment using mininet.
  • How to enable VLAN tag in mininet.