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ODX-658 Optical Drive

Description Date Size File Download
Windows 95/98 Driver 12-13-98 777K

NEC's Multi CD-R Optical Disk Drive is three drives in one. Using phase-change optical recording technology, it provides you with the following:

  • Insert a CD and it's a CD Reader
  • Insert CD-R media and it's a CD Recorder
  • Insert an optical cartridge and it's a Rewritable Drive
Read all standard CD-ROM formats at up to 20x speed including music CDs (digital audio), CD-ROM modes 1 and 2, CD-ROM XA (mode 2/form1/form2), CD Extra, Photo CDs (supports multisession), recordable CDs, CD-RW media, and video CDs.

Create your own CDs of favorite music or distribute data which can be read by over 150 million installed CD-ROM readers. Or, archive your important data. Supports track-at-once, packet writing, and disc-at-once.

As a removable and rewritable disk drive, the 650MB cartridges are ideal for storage of multimedia files, database files, and system backups. Also works great for online storage. Using a 512 byte/sector format, it works just like a floppy or hard disk drive. Just drag and drop files.


  • Phase-change optical media is a non-contact recording medium which results in exceptional reliability. The optical read/write head never touches the media, unlike floppy disk and magnetic tape read/write heads which are in constant moving contact with the magnetic recording medium.
  • Phase-change optical media is a non-magnetic recording medium which ensures that stray magnetic fields can never alter your stored data, thus ensuring data availability.
  • Every write operation is followed by an operation that verifies absolutely that the information you wrote will be there when you need it.
  • Phase-change optical media has a greater than 30 year life while ensuring more than 1/2 million write/erase cycles.

Capacity CD-R: 63-74 minute (553-650 MB) Cartridge: 650 MB
Height: 1.6 in/41.3 mm
Width: 5.75 in/146 mm
Depth: 7.72 in/196 mm
Weight: 1.2 Kg
Disk Configuration
Disk Size: CD-DA = 120mm, 80mm diameter CD-ROM = 120mm diameter CD-R media = 120 mm diameter Cartridge = 120mm diameter
Data Heads: 1
Data Surfaces: 1
Bytes/Sector: CD-ROM Mode 1 = 2048 bytes/sector CD-ROM Mode 2 = 2336 bytes/sector Cartridge Mode = 512 bytes/sector
Rotational Rate: CD-ROM mode = 1600-4240 RPM CD-R Mode = 200-530; 400-1060 Cartridge Mode = 2,026 RPM
Temperature: Operating = 5 deg to 45 deg C Non-operating = -10 deg to 55 deg C
Humidity: Operating = 20% to 80% Non-operating = 10% to 80%
Shock: Operational = 2G Non-operational = 50G
Vibration: Operational = 0.2G Non-operational = 2G
Included Items: Device driver installation manual for rewritable cartridge function and: -DOS/Win 3.1 device driver. -Win 95/98 device driver. -Win NT device driver.
Performance Specifications
Cache Memory: CD-ROM Mode = 1 MB CD-R Mode = 1 MB Cartridge Mode = 512 kb
Interface: ATAPI
Data Transfer: CD-ROM Mode: 20x max CD-R Mode: 2x max Cartridge Mode: 518-1141 kb/sec
Avg. seek time: All modes 79ms
Voltage Req'd: +5V, +12V
Pwr Dissipation: 10 watts
MTBF: 35,000 POH @ 25% duty cycle
Device Life: 5 years

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