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NEC C500 Classic Monitor Series

User's Guide for NEC C Series Monitor



Screen Size
13.8 Viewable Image Size
1200mm Radius
90 Degree Deflection
0.28mm Dot Pitch (trio)
Dot type black matrix, medium short persistence phosphor.
Polished, Non-glare surface with anti-static coating

PC Resolutions
640 x 480: VGA 60, 72 and 75 Hz vertical refresh rate
800 x 600: 56 to 75 Hz vertical refresh
800 x 600: XGA, XGA-2 at 75 Hz vertical refresh rate
1024 x 768: non-interlaced: 75 Hz vertical refresh rate
1280 x 1024: non-interlaced: 60 Hz vertical refresh rate

Macintosh Resolutions
640 x 480: 67 Hz vertical refresh
832 x 624: 75 Hz vertical refresh rate
1024 x 768: 75 Hz (not offered by all Macintosh computers)

Horizontal Frequency
30 kHz to 64

Vertical Frequency
50 Hz to 100 Hz

Non-Glare Screen

Color Range
Unlimited colors (dependent upon video card used)

Power Management
Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system
EPA Energy Star
NUTEK based on VESA DPMS 4 states

Video Cable
Captive 15 pin mini D-sub connector

AC 90-132/198-240V, 50/60 Hz, 90 W, 1.2 Amps (Automatic)

Display Area (HxV)
The active display area is dependent upon the signal timing used.

Factory Setting
270 mm (10.6") x 203 mm (8.0")

Full Scan 281 mm (11.1") x 211 mm (8.3")

Supporting Controllers
Any VGA Compatible Card
Macintosh Video

User Controls
Power, Contrast, Brightness, Horizontal position, Horizontal size, Vertical position, Vertical size, Side pin cushion, Trapezoidal, R/G gain, Color switch

Dimensions (H), (W), (D)
374 x 380 x 395mm (14.7 x 15.0 x 15.6")


Operating temperature
10 to +140 degree C (50 to +140 degree F)

Operating Humidity
8% to 80%

Storage Temperature
-20 to +45 degree C (-4 to +113 degree F)

Storage Humidity
5% to 90%