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Orchestrating a brigher world


D3142 Hard Drive

Capacity Formatted: 44.7 MB Unformatted: 53.4 MB
Configuration Information
Switches Drive Address Switch: SW2-1 "on," all others "off" = addr 1
SW2-2 "on," all others "off" = addr 2
SW2-3 "on," all others "off" = addr 3
SW2-4 "on," all others "off" = addr 4
Terminating Resistor Switch:
Serial configuration-SW1-1 always "off";
if one drive, set SW1-2 thru 8 to "on."
If more than one drive, set SW1-2 thru 8 to "off."
Parallel configuration-SW1-1 may be "on" or "off" depending on HDD controller.
Set SW1-2 thru 8 to "on."
Height 1.6 in/41 mm
Width 4.0 in/101.6 mm
Depth 5.8 in/146 mm
Weight 2.0 lb/0.9 KG
Disk Configuration
Disk Size 3.5"
Disks 4
Data Heads 8
Data Surfaces 8
Tracks/Surface 642
Track Density 850 tpi
Bit Density 14,000 bpi
Sectors/Track 17 (RLL = 26 sectors)
Bytes/Sector 512
Record Method MFM
Temperature Operating = 5° to 50° C
Thermal Grad 10° C/Hr max
Shock Operating = 2 G (10 ms) Non-operating = 40 G (10 ms)
Vibration Operating = 0.2 G Non-operating = 0.5 G
Performance Specifications
Rotational Rate 3,600 RPM
Start/Stop Time 15 seconds typical
Seek Times Average = 28 ms Track to track = 8 ms Maximum = 54 ms
Latency, Avg 8.33 ms
Interface ST412
Data Transfer 625 KB/sec
Voltage Required +5V/+12V
Power Dissipation Ready mode = 9.2 watts
MTTR 30 Minutes
MTBF 30,000 POH
Error Rate Recoverable = <1 per 10-10th bits