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Optical Drives - Device Drivers

If you are unsure what driver file you are looking for download document: CD-ROM.htm
or check the CD-ROM & SCSI Interface Driver section of the KnowledgeBase
NEC CD-ROM Drivers for PC Platform
NEC CD-ROM Drivers for Mac Platform
Some Web browsers may have difficulty with these FTP links. If you experience difficulty downloading files, please go directly to the FTP site:

NEC CD-ROM Drivers for PC Platform

CD-ROM.HTM CD-ROM driver information. 11/04/96
IDE_DOS.EXE DOS install for the MultiSpin 4V, 6V and 8V IDE CD-ROM Date:08/01/96
CDR1350A.EXE Win 3.1 device driver for the MultiSpin 6V, CDR-1350A. Date:04/12/96
CDR1450A.EXE Win 3.1 device driver for the MultiSpin 8V, CDR-1450A. Date:08/01/96
CD_CDGAL.EXE NEW CD Gallery Menu Installation diskettes. 01/27/92
CD_GRB.EXE Size: CDMenu Install & General reference bundle disks. 01/27/92
CD_T100.EXE NEC T100 SCSI adapter drivers (CDXT001) v.2.36. 05/07/92
CD_T200.EXE NEC T200 SCSI adapter driver (cdps001) v.2.36. 05/07/92
CDCLIP3D.EXE For ClipArt 3D CD-ROM Software Package. 08/30/90
CDEXP2-3.EXE CD Express Update files for NEC Ready Systems 3.5". 01/19/93
CDEXP2-5.EXE CD Express Update files for NEC Ready Systems 5.25". 01/19/93
CDEXP2.TXT Size: CD Express Update files Installation instructions. 01/15/93
CDR273.EXE Size: Device driver for the NEC CDR-273i.11/09/95
CDROLD.ZIP Size: Old T128/228 SCSI drivers v2.3 for CDR 35, 77, & 80. 09/22/92
CDROM.ZIP Size: NEC Intersect CD-ROM reader specs. 12/28/90
CDXTFIX.EXE NEC CD-ROM fix for IBM XT machines. 05/01/92
DOS_TSL.EXE ASPI drivers ver. 3.07a for T160/T260/T130/T128/T339/T358. 01/14/94
EEFIX.EXE Size: Groliers Encyclopedia update FILES. 01/27/92
OS2CDROM.DMD New OS/2 2.1 driver for Multisession Photo CD. 03/01/94
PARSCSI1.EXE DOS/Win/Win95 install for the CD-Connection, CD-PARSCSI Date:6/05/96
PARSCSI2.EXE OS/2 & Win NT install for the CD-Connection, CD-PARSCSI. Date: 06/03/96
PAS_SCSI.EXE SCSI Driver update ver. 3.02 for the Multimedia Gallery. 06/01/93
PAS_WIN.EXE Multimedia Extensions for NEC Multimedia Gallery. PC v1.45. 06/01/93
SB16ACCE.EXE 2v Deluxe-Sound Blaster Accessories Diskette. 04/17/95
SB16APPL.EXE 2v Deluxe-Sound Blaster Application Diskette. 04/17/95
SB16INST.EXE 2v Deluxe-Sound Blaster Installation Diskette. 04/17/95
SS2VI.EXE Size: Simple Start Installation, for the 2Vi. 12/08/94
SSFD160.EXE Simple Start v3.0 for the NEC Future Domain T160 card. 08/24/95
SSTR160.EXE Simple Start v3.0 for the NEC Trantor T160 card-Disk 1. 08/24/95
SSTR1602.EXE Simple Start v3.0 for the NEC Trantor T160-DISK 2 08/24/95
T100OLD.EXE Older revision CD-ROM drivers for NEC CDXT_001 card. 06/10/93
TRAN317.EXE DOS/Win setup for the T128/228, T130, T338/339, and T358. 11/20/95
TSCDROM.TXT CD-ROM Troubleshooting guide for the NEC CD-ROM readers. 12/13/90
ULLSX20.EXE NEC CD-ROM drivers for UltraLite SX-20 internal SCSI port. 05/01/92

NEC CD-ROM Drivers for Mac Platform

SPEEDYCD.HQX MAC (OS 6.0.8 to 7.5.3) driver v5.31a for NEC MultiSpin 8/27/96
NEC Corporation of America does not have a Macintosh Driver to support Macintosh operating system 7.5.5 or greater.

NEC, NEC Corporation of America and the NEC logo are service marks of NEC Corporation. All material from the NECAM FTP Site is copyrighted by NEC Corporation of America and may not be reproduced (except for personal use), republished or otherwise redistributed without the written permission of NEC Corporation of America. It is illegal to make copies or faxes of material in this support area (other than for personal use) without permission.
All material from the NECAM FTP site is applicable to systems and peripherals sold in the USA and Canada ONLY. Downloading any of these files and using them on NEC equipment purchased outside the USA or Canada may have unpredictable results. NEC Corporation of America may not be held responsible for any damage that results from unapproved use. Customers outside of NEC Corporation of America' service area should log onto the NEC Europe Web Server or the NEC Japan Web Server.

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