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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Available space on a Compact Flash Card is not displayed correctly.
What printers are supported by the version of JetCet Print that is included on the Apps and Driver CD.
What version of JetCet Print is included on the Apps and Driver CD?
Whenever I insert the Nextel iM1100 Wireless WAN card, my MobilePro 900 displays the following error message: "Cannot find MMAPPCE or one of its components".

Why does the soft reset button on the bottom of the unit stops working after issuing the API Reset sub-function?
Why isn't the bUSEFUL Backup (Backup_NEC.Arm.Cab) on the Internal Disk?


How do I hard reset my MobilePro 900?
I am receiving the error message "Backup Battery Very Low - Your back up battery is very low or missing. Data loss may result from failure to replace the battery very soon. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for directions on replacing or charging the backup battery."
Is the coin cell backup battery rechargeable?
Why does my MoblePro Hard-Reset?
Why doesn't my MobilePro 900 power on after performing a hard reset (i.e. both the main battery and back up battery have been removed)?


How do I turn off the modem speaker on the MobilePro 900?
I created a new dial up connection with the "Save Password" option enabled. After performing a soft reset, the connection no longer works. I am unable to authenticate. I checked my username and it is correct but my password is missing. Why is this happening?
Unable to open the modem door fully

Operating System

I am receiving the "Backup Battery Very Low" message on my MobilePro 900. The message goes away after a soft reset, however, it appears again after a day or two of use. to resolve this issue?

Why does the MobilePro 900 turn on during the night and not shut back off?
Why doesn't Ctrl+ALT+Del launch Task Manager on my MobilePro 900?
Why doesn't my 32 bit cardbus/PCMCIA card work in my MobilePro 900?


How do I add more memory/Storage to my MobilePro 900?
How do I identify the serial number on the MobilePro 900?
Why doesn't the jack for the external microphone work on my MobilePro 900?

PC Card

Does the MobilePro 900 support 32-bit card bus PCMCIA (PC Card) cards?
I am having problems with the internal modem.

Recovery CD

How do I obtain the USB drivers for the MoblePro 900.