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NEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the hard disk drives compatible between D-Series systems and M-Series? Can I interchange drives from one system to another?
Can a consistency group span multiple systems?
Can iSM manage both D-Series systems and M-Series systems?
Does M100 support Asynchronous and Synchronous replication?
Does M100 support automated data redistribution, data striping and management agents to optimize storage management?
Does M100 support multi-tenancy?
For source array data being synchronously replicated between a target array and internal HDDs, is there any restriction that those HDDs may not be moved to the target midrange array still in place?
How can configuration information be stored locally or on removable storage media?
Instructions for Linux Multi-path Procedure (existing Data LD)
Instructions for Linux Multi-path Procedure (new Installation LD)
Is Active-Active mode of operation supported?
Is anti-vibration technology used in the array?
Is concurrent Fibre Channel and Ethernet supported?
Is data compressed before remote replication?
Is it possible to replicate data from the D-Series to an M-Series system?
Is MAID function supported?
Is the configuration lost when power is lost?
Is the controller architecture of the AULA type?
Is there automated load balancing between controllers?
Maximum raw storage capacity?
What are examples of how NEC has enhanced the value proposition of its storage systems?
What are the most important attributes for M100?
What are the most noteworthy features of M100?
What drive types are supported?
What happens when the following conditions occur? 1. RAID fails and rebuild starts on the hot-spare? 2. A defective drive is replaced with new drive before hot spare rebuild is completed
What is the expected storage system availability?
What is the maximum cache supported?
What is the maximum number of Ethernet ports supported?
What is the maximum number of Fibre Channel ports supported?
What is the time needed for a non-disruptive micro-code update time?
What service and support offering are available for M100?
Which interfaces can be used to access the storage management console?
Which storage networking interfaces does M100 support?
Which storage networking protocols does M100 support?
Will a controller failure put cache in write-through mode?

Hard Drive

Are both 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs supported?
Is concurrent HDD mix supported?
What is the typical disk rebuild time for 450GB 15K rpm HDD?
What is the typical disk rebuild time for a NearLine SAS 1TB HDD?

Logical Unit Number (LUNs)

Maximum number of LUNs per consistency group?
Maximum number of LUNs per system?
What is the maximum number of snapshots per LUN?

Operating System

Which third-party multi-pathing software are supported?

Power Supply

What is the power consumption of M100 vs. D4?


Is concurrent RAID type supported?
What RAID levels are supported in the M100?
Which RAID stripe sizes are supported?


Are differential sub-file snapshots supported?
Are full or clone snapshots supported? In other words, full copy of the logical disk?
Can snapshots be scheduled to expire?
Which application-consistent snapshots are supported?


Does M100 support VMware VAAI Assisted Hardware Locking?
Does M100 support VMware VAAI Block Zeroing?
Does M100 support VMware VAAI Boot from SAN?
Does M100 support VMware VAAI Full Copy function?