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NEC Enterprise Software Solutions

For support call: 1-(877) 632-0064 or email
Note: email box is only monitored Mon-Fri, 5am-6pm Pacific Time. This does not include legal or company designated holidays. All customers trying to reach NECAM outside those business hours should call 1-877-632-0064 for support.
Note: Customers with expired support agreement can still obtain interim support by calling NEC support phone number (1-877-632-0064) but must pay for a minimum of two hours of service. Please contact NEC support to learn more specific information including current service fees and terms and conditions.
NEC's award-winning ExpressCluster is a family of integrated high availability and disaster recovery software providing fast recovery and continuous protection of business critical applications and data. ExpressCluster enables easy to deploy and cost effective continuity solutions for industry standard database, email, and virtualization applications and platforms including MS SQL, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS Exchange, Sendmail, VMware, MS Virtual Server, Windows, and Linux.

ExpressCluster FAQs

How to replace a VCOM resource with a DDNS resource in ExpressCluster

ExpressCluster X R3 Release Notes

ExpressCluster v3.3.3.1 Release Notes
ExpressCluster v3.3.0.1 Release Notes
ExpressCluster v3.2.1.1 Release Notes
ExpressCluster v3.1.5.1 Release Notes

ExpressCluster X R3 for Windows

ExpressCluster WAN
ExpressCluster LAN
ExpressCluster SAN

ExpressCluster X R3 for Linux

ExpressCluster WAN
ExpressCluster LAN
ExpressCluster SAN

ExpressCluster Specialized Editions

ExpressCluster Basic Recovery Edition
ExpressCluster SAN for Microsoft® Hyper-V

ExpressCluster Product Lifecycle Support

ExpressCluster X R2 for Windows General Availability End-of-Sale Notice
ExpressCluster Product Lifecycle Support

Previous Releases




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